Tanzanite Memories

Tanzanite Memories values your taste as much as we value your trust. For decades, Tanzanite Memories retail jewelry store has been the go-to jewelry shop in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer the best in authentic, superior quality jewelry. Our designers and jewelers can provide you with unique, affordable, genuine pieces that truly reflect your personality. Our signature jewelries are the 925 pure silver jewelry, embedded with Tanzanite gems.

Tanzanite Memories offers a select number of luxury time pieces, among being the official Police watch brand distributor. From the Spectrum Swiss watches to the Danish Obaku hand pieces, we are pleased to cater to your discerning taste. At Tanzanite Memories, we don’t shy away from elegance. Along with exquisite jewelry, we also have a variety of original branded fragrances.

Hours: Opens 8AM ⋅ Closes 5PM


Qutbi, Azimio Street, Near Rushda Supermarket, Arusha, Tanzania


Phone: +255713367573


WhatsApp: +255687745444


Instagram: tanzanite.memories

Facebook: Tanzanite Memories

Service Starts: ≥ $60 (TSh138,000)